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Nothing less than the best!    
    There are a lot of irrigation products out there to choose from.  At Edmunds Lawn Irrigation, we only install the best of what's around.  Quality means everything to us, which is why we use brands like Hunter, Rain Bird, Febco, Netafim, and Berkeley - five companies whose products have been proving their worth in the field for decades.  They provide us with the best in sprinkler heads, drip lines, valves, controllers, vacuum breakers, and pumps.

Supplying more options!  
    The number of available irrigation products have dramatically increased over recent years.  This is partly due to a growing concern towards water conservation.  In addition to spray and rotary heads, we can also provide drip lines, soaker hoses, bubblers, drip emitters, and micro-sprays (just to name a few).  These products are all designed to distribute water in a more precise and less wasteful manner.  And what's more, they allow us to deliver water to plant locations previously unattainable.
    In further effort to prevent waste, there are also many types of sensors that will disable a system from watering when unnecessary.  Some simply detect the rain, while others are smart enough to measure solar radiation, air temperature, humidity, and wind velocity in order to determine when the system should water.
    Contact us today to discuss how any of these innovative products can be incorporated into your irrigation system.