Edmunds Lawn Irrigation, Inc. BBB Business Review


About Us:

    Edmunds Lawn Irrigation was founded with the firm belief that we can do it better.  That means better service, better design, and better workmanship - all at a competitive price.  For over thirty-five years, our experienced staff have been engineering the finest irrigation systems in Southeastern Michigan.  From small residential yards, to athletic fields, ranches, cemeteries, and shopping malls - we've done it all!  And no matter how small or large a job may be, we always deliver a superior level of quality to our customers.  It's how we've built the reputation of being one of Michigan's leading irrigation contractors.
    There have been a lot of changes in our industry over the last decade.  The price of municipal water is always rising, which is why water conservation has become a top priority for our manufacturers.  Accordingly, every system we install is designed with the purpose of being both effective and efficient.  Unlike some of our competitors, we take this very seriously.  An unbalanced irrigation system cannot only be bad for the health of your lawn, but it can also be wasteful and give you higher water and energy costs.  And with prices now at an all-time high, none of us can afford to waste a drop!
Edmunds Lawn irrigation is always incorporating the latest advancements in design and materials into our work.  We’re relentless when it comes to increasing our capabilities.  It’s what gives us an edge over the competition.
    We take a tremendous amount of pride in what we do.  If you're not currently one of our customers, we hope we have the chance to prove that to you at some point in the future!